Your turn comes down to one simple choice, roll 4 dice or pick up a tile. Dados is a fun family game for 2-4 players, that is suitable for ages 9 and up.  Playing time varies based on the number of players and their age range. A typical 2 player game can be played in 25 minutes, 4 player games take a little longer.

Dados tiles are placed on any flat surface in a 6 by 3, or 6 by 4 with the 4 player expansion, grid.  Players take turns deciding if the time is right to pick up a tile, or do they have the other players figured out so they can wait one more turn to maximize their points.

The winner is the player with the highest point total.  When you take a tile, flip it over to see how that tile affects the dice total on top.

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The game price is $25 plus shipping and handling

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So which do you do? Roll or pick up a tile?

Players: 2-4*
Play Time: 25-40 minutes

The game price is $25 plus shipping and handling